ACI and Eunexus Partner for Online Banking Fraud Solution

ACI Worldwide has announced a strategic partnership with Eunexus, which is designed to offer financial institutions in the UK and Europe a fraud prevention strategy by integrating Eunexus’ IP profiling intelligence with ACI’s real-time transaction monitoring solution, Proactive Risk Manager. The companies believe that this combination offers a solution that enables financial institutions to reduce transaction fraud losses over the Internet banking channel. Eunexus’ IP profiling technology is an intelligence feed that reports suspicious and known fraudulent IP addresses. It differs from other IP software in the market by focusing specifically on Internet banking intelligence for fraud detection. Proactive Risk Manager analyses the IP data in real time to alert the bank or even halt specific transactions if they are being initiated from suspect IP addresses. The joint solution is available to UK customers immediately and will be rolled out to additional European countries later this year.


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