Barclays Selects HP’s Cool Solution for Energy-efficient Data Centre

HP and Barclays have signed a letter of intent to introduce HP technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with Barclays’ new major data center in Gloucester, UK. HP Dynamic Smart Cooling technology is part of a package of energy-saving measures that will Barclays will save the bank up to 13.4% of total energy used for its data centre. These measures will reduce its carbon footprint by approximately 7,470 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. As a result of growing demand for technology, energy costs associated with data centers are rising rapidly. Many centres are running close to the limit of their air conditioning systems and the power they can draw from the grid. With their increasing need for power, data centres are becoming large contributors to the carbon footprint of many companies. The HP technology actively manages a data centre’s air-conditioned environment to deliver the right amount of cooling where it is needed most. The energy provisioning system uses control software fed by continuous, real-time air-temperature measurements from a network of sensors throughout a data center. The system then continuously monitors and adjusts the air handlers to modulate cooling energy based on demand from the servers and storage devices.


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