Treasury Board Game Aims to Prepare Players For Potential Economic Problems

The recent credit crunch has brought to the fore the fact that liquidity can always be at risk. Nervous banks have brought new emphasis to corporate treasurers’ ongoing questions over funding, cash flow and more strategic issues of capital structure and liability management. To help educate treasury practitioners about the risks they face, the Cash Flow at Risk board game has been developed. Cash Flow at Risk takes treasurers around the world, requiring them to answer economic questions in order to progress. Banks such as HSBC are using the EuroFinance game as a serious tool in their corporate training programmes. The concept of the game sees the players involved become treasurer of a global company tasked with unlocking €76m in cash for an upcoming acquisition. In order to win the acquisition ahead of competitors, the player must free up €12m in each of the six regions where the company has global operations by successfully answering challenging liquidity, risk and other general knowledge questions.


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