Milestone Group Selects Iona’s Real-time Financial Messaging Integration

Iona Technologies has announced that Milestone Group has selected its Artix data integration solution to extend the messaging and integration capabilities of their pControl funds processing platform. Milestone Group will deploy Artix data integration solution, including Artix Data Services and Artix ESB, as part of the next release of pControl’s Data Management module scheduled for roll-out in the second quarter of 2008. Artix Data Services will provide real-time data validation and transformation services for financial services message types, specifically SWIFT, SWIFTNet Funds and FIX, as well as other message types as required. Milestone Group hopes that, by utilising Artix Data Services, it can offer enhanced pControl deployments with the broadest support for industry standards without the need for additional development resources. The group will use Artix ESB to enhance integration of pControl within client environments regardless of the underlying technologies, middleware or messaging transports.


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