Risk Integrated Adds Simulation of Property Derivatives to Risk System

Risk Integrated has expanded the capabilities of its Specialized Finance System (SFS) by adding cash flow analysis for the use of property derivatives in commercial real estate (CRE) lending. By providing risk measurement tools for property derivatives, the company hopes to enable investors and lenders to hedge risk exposure and help stabilise CRE assets. The inclusion of property derivatives into the risk management system is designed to provide CRE professionals with an insight into how property derivatives can be used within a CRE transaction, to improve the risk profile. This allows investors and lenders to quantify the value of these derivatives in reducing the risk of the deal, and judge whether the reduction in risk is worth the expense of the instrument. This is becoming especially important as the marketplace becomes more volatile and property derivatives become more commonly traded. The SFS uses simulation to analyse market volatility and stresses, incorporating options pricing theory to quantify the year-by-year risk in real estate transactions.


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