Reval Appoints Kohlhagen to the Board

Reval has announced that Dr Steven W. Kohlhagen has joined its board of directors. Kohlhagen has been involved in the derivatives markets for over 30 years as an academic, a practitioner and a board member. He is the co-creator of the Garman Kohlhagen pricing model, the formula for estimating the value of a European call option on foreign exchange. As a practitioner, Kohlhagen built sales teams and derivatives businesses at Lehman Brothers, Bankers Trust and First Union/Wachovia, as well as other leading financial institutions. At Bankers Trust, he was founder of the market transaction group (derivatives options products) and managing director, money market sales and trading, origination and distribution. His career at First Union began as co-founder of all derivative products business and, later, managing director for the fixed income division.


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