Companies Report a Good Start For Link Between Iberpay and Step2 Platforms

EBA Clearing and Iberpay have reported a successful start of the link between Iberpay and the single euro payments area (SEPA) Credit Transfer (SCT) Service on the STEP2 platform. Over 1,500 SCTs with a total value of €7m are being exchanged daily via the platform link since the launch of the SCT scheme on 28th January 2008. The Iberpay-Step2 link allows Iberpay users to benefit from EBA Clearing’s position as a pan-European ACH (PE-ACH) for SEPA payments in 31 European countries. Conversely, the link supports the reach of Step2 in Spain. So far, EBA Clearing has established interoperability between Step2 and local platforms in 12 SEPA countries.


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