American Express Survey Shows Business Travel Still Viewed as Crucial in Europe

Despite growing environmental concerns and advances in communications technology, American Express Business Travel reveals that for many European employees, business travel remains an integral part of working life. American Express Business Travel’s latest ‘Loves and Hates’ survey revealed that 93% of frequent travellers expect to travel on business as frequently, if not more than they did in 2007. Whereas 10 years ago business travel was perhaps considered the reserve of board directors and high flying executives, it has now become much less of a status symbol and more a corporate necessity in order to attend training (46%), conferences and seminars (46%) and conduct client meetings across the globe (43%). Almost two-thirds (63%) of business travellers admit they enjoy travelling on business and satisfaction levels rise amongst those who travel abroad more frequently, with 76% of people who fly more than 10 times a year claiming to relish the experience. Two-thirds of respondents believe that it is vital to be able to change their travel plans within at least 48 hours. Many travellers stated that the first person they would call should any aspect of their plans go awry is either their spouse or partner (37%), closely followed by their boss (34%). Less than a quarter (23%) said they would call their dedicated travel agent first.


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