SAS to Protect HBOS Debit Cards Against Fraud

HBOS is working with SAS in an attempt to offer improved protection for its customers against fraud over the next seven years. Initially, the SAS Fraud Management solution will be used to protect the millions of active debit cards HBOS operates. SAS say the fraud solution will enable HBOS to uncover fraudulent transactions faster, earlier and accurately. It will examine each HBOS debit and ATM card transaction in real-time, checking it against any possible changes in customer behaviour to make a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the transaction. The solution provides the option for HBOS to extend its use to cover other types of transactional fraud that may affect its customers, including banking and credit card fraud. This project builds on the long-term relationship between the two organisations that is already established in the areas of insurance and customer risk management.


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