Equens Processes Its First SEPA Credit Transfer Payments

Equens successfully processed its first SEPA Credit Transfer payments today, 28 January. This means that from today, Equens’ systems are fully in line with the international agreements of the European Payment Council on this subject, and comply with the SEPA requirements. In terms of processing cross-border payments using bank cards, the Equens infrastructure has been compliant with the SEPA Card Framework since 1 January 2008. Michael Steinbach, Chairman of Equens’ Board of Directors: “SEPA became operational today.” SEPA will contribute to greater competition, new products, improved efficiency and lower costs as a result of economies of scale. “Thanks to our strategic choice to process both giro-based and card transactions, we have already distinguished ourselves from our competitors. Equens also aims to discover the full potential of new transaction types in several markets. This has resulted in an ever-growing product line of innovative payment solutions with regard to, for example, the mobile payments industry, e-invoicing and the prepaid card market,” Mr Steinbach stated.


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