Bolero Launches New Multi-Bank Dashboard For Corporates

Bolero has announced the commercial availability of the latest version of Multi-Bank Dashboard, a hosted, web-based application that utilises the company’s multi-bank channel. Bolero claims that the dashboard adds value to corporates who need consolidation visibility as well as ease of access to import letters of credit, export letters of credit and guarantees. Dashboard is offered on a software-as-a-service basis, providing speed and ease of implementation, global deployment and minimal investment while further extending the range of application options to corporates using the multi-bank channel. The dashboard monitors and manages the letters of credit (LC) and/or guarantees through their entire lifecycle, supporting document based ‘e-processes’. At one glance a global corporation will have consolidated visibility of its LC and/or guarantees position with the ability to drill down to detail levels and take immediate actions or respond to alerts, aiding risk management requirements in today’s volatile global markets. One addition to the dashboard is the introduction of advanced amendment management capabilities, particularly important for those corporates dealing with LCs subject to multiple amendments over time. The solution is designed to provide fully collaborative capabilities including acceptance and rejection of amendments, history and status as well as full version control and confirmation of the current ‘operative instrument’. This significantly reduces the effort and discrepancy risk associated with amendments as well as providing both corporate and bank with the same view of the current status of the amended LC.


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