Fortis Investments’ Multi Management Team Reinforces IT Structure

Fortis Investments’ Multi Management investment centre has enhanced its systems with new IT solutions that will provide greater support to the investment team. The new database tool, which has been structured by Cogendi, will enable the team to store qualitative and quantitative research in one central database. This will make the Multi Management team’s workflow much more efficient, claimed Peter Branner, the Fortis Investment team’s CIO. “We expect to free up capacity in the research team with this move and basically be able to carry out more research to the benefit of our fund range and investors,” he said. “Furthermore, our ambition is to link the new system with our providers of performance data, Lipper and Morningstar, as well as with our screening, portfolio management and reporting tools from MPI, APT and Style Research”. This improved IT structure proved necessary following a number of high-profile hires to the team during the summer and the gradual move towards an institutional offering for Fortis Investments’ Fiduciary Management business based in the Netherlands.


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