Investors Seek Returns Through Diversification

Investors are becoming increasingly more diverse with their investments according to new research from Barclays Stockbrokers, with 79% making concerted efforts to ensure their portfolio is diversified. Twenty per cent of investors diversify their portfolio through investing in different asset classes, 19% through different markets and 40% through different sectors such as aerospace and financial services. However, there are a number of investors that do not employ any of these techniques – 22% admitted they don’t yet have a diversification strategy. Melissa Jenner, director at Barclays Stockbrokers commented, “It is encouraging that investors are making such good efforts to fully diversify their portfolios. Given recent market volatility, it is essential that investors have a balanced portfolio. This used to be achieved by investing in a basic mix of asset classes such as cash and bonds, but now investors can exercise increasingly sophisticated techniques to maximise their returns.”


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