Macquarie Bank Announces New Direct Market Access Initiative

As part of its continued international growth, the listed derivatives business within Macquarie Bank’s Futures Division is increasing the scope of its direct market access (DMA) offering to clients and has signed an agreement to take Patsystems hosted Global Trading solution from the first quarter 2008. The new Global Trading solution will be hosted by Patsystems and deployed to Macquarie Bank offices and clients globally. This will be the first installation of Patsystems’ new Global Trading core, a solution designed to provide customers with a global order book enabling more efficient management of trades and trade processing. In addition, the bank claim that the new Global Trading core will support non-stop trading; 24 hours per day, 6.5 days a week. The system is designed to have low latency for faster throughput, simpler global infrastructure and compatibility with Patsystems front-ends and risk management tools. Macquarie Bank will be taking both the J-Trader and Pro-Mark trading front-ends.


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