Speranza Partners with Avoco Secure and IdenTrust on BRM Solution

Speranza Systems has announced strategic partnerships with Avoco Secure and IdenTrust. Designed to ensure compliance with government regulations and standards, while providing customers with bank relationship management, the Speranza Command Center enables corporate treasury departments to streamline and automate processes and improve productivity. By partnering with Avoco Secure and IdenTrust, Speranza now offers corporate treasury departments a relationship management solution that establishes trusted electronic communications between financial institutions and their business customers, encrypts the electronic messages, and provides accountability down to the individual-level for financial transaction processes on a global, interoperable and non-repudiable basis. The three solutions work in conjunction with each other to automate and secure the financial institution account open and close process as well as changes in signing and other approval authorities. The Speranza Command Center generates an electronic account change document, IdenTrust provides the digital certificates necessary to trust the document signer and Avoco Secure locks and encrypts the electronic document. Digitising this process accelerates account management and enhances the privacy of account related information.


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