Report Finds £44bn Improvement in FTSE 100 Pension Schemes

Pension Capital Strategies (PCS) has released its quarterly report investigating the pension disclosures of the FTSE100 companies. The findings reveal that the total deficit of FTSE100 pension schemes at 30 September 2007 is an estimated £2bn, an improvement of £44bn from one year ago. Eighteen companies in the FTSE 100 group disclosed a pension surplus in their most recent annual report and accounts, while 75 companies showed a pension deficit. However, PCS estimates that around 40 companies would disclose a surplus if they had a year end of 30 September 2007. The PCS report, ‘The FTSE100 and Their Pension Disclosures’, published in association with Numis Securities, explores the pension disclosures of the FTSE100 companies, as well as the steps being taken to address pension scheme deficits.


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