SIA-SSB’s Network Infrastructure Expands In Europe

SIA-SSB’s multi-service broadband network, currently connecting all Italian banks, is now ready to support the European banking system in the run up to SEPA. Around 6.5 billion bytes of data were transported in the first nine months of 2007 with a daily average of 3.6 million transactions and a service level equal to 99.99%. In line with its expansion strategy in Europe, SIAnet enables connection to EBA Clearing’s Step2 technology platform. There are over 100 banks participating directly in STEP2 that can choose to use SIAnet to manage SEPA transactions. SIA-SSB’s network technologies, used up to now in the financial sector, by public administration bodies and to access Corporate Banking Interbancario (CBI) services, can also now be exported abroad. For the corporate market, SIA-SSB is about to launch ‘B-Gate’, the solution for Italian and foreign businesses enabling them access to CBI-participating banks. In addition, Renzo Vanetti has been appointed by the European Payment Council as member of the new Scheme Management Committee (SMC), which has the task of guaranteeing the correct management of SEPA schemes and of monitoring the compliance process of the participants, as provided for by the SEPA Credit Transfer Rulebook and subsequently the SEPA Direct Debit Rulebook.


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