Fundtech Payment Platform Passes Seven Million Payments Per Hour in IBM Benchmarking

Fundtech has announced that in a benchmark test performed in collaboration with IBM, the company’s Global PAYplus integrated payments platform set new throughput and performance records. Utilising the combination of batch and real time input, the test established that the platform is sufficient to handle the high and low care (RTGS and ACH) volume requirements of any size of bank, anywhere in the world. The benchmark was requested by a large financial institution to demonstrate that Global PAYplus meets the requirements of the new UK Faster Payments scheme. This initiative, currently targeted to go live in May of 2008, demands the processing of high volumes of low value transactions in seconds. Running on IBM System p5 575 cluster nodes, Global PAYplus processed over seven million transactions in a sustained one-hour run. Results also demonstrated the linear scalability of the solution as additional hardware was added. No limitations were identified that would prevent this solution scaling to even larger volumes.


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