Accuity Offers Worldwide Regulatory Lists

Accuity has announced that its Global WatchList has achieved 100% coverage of all regulatory sanction lists for all countries worldwide. The list, one element of Accuity’s Compliance Suite, is a collection of caution lists from all major sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies and financial regulators from around the world. Accuity audits its Global WatchList coverage each year to ensure that it can offer comprehensive regulatory due diligence list coverage. The audit involves researching the regulatory requirements and contacting the regulating authorities of over 200 countries and territories. After completing this year’s audit, the company has determined that every list required for regulatory due diligence in all countries that have such requirements is now a part of the Global WatchList suite. The array of lists that make up Global WatchList is offered in a ‘cafeteria style’ format – clients choose only those lists that are necessary to meet their compliance needs.


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