SunGard Completes Performance Improvement Benchmarks for Exception Processing Solution

SunGard has announced that its exception processing solution intelliTRACS, part of the intelliSUITE portfolio of real-time transaction management solutions, has completed a series of performance improvement benchmarking tests undertaken with HP and Intel. The tests form part of a major programme of work undertaken by a leading European financial services organisation to assess the current and future performance of its global exceptions and reconciliations processing business. The objective of the tests was to demonstrate that intelliTRACS version 8.1, operating on HP ProLiant servers using Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, could exceed key target processing requirements and manage volume increases of up to 500% of current transaction processing levels. Response times of the IntelliSUITE web interface and case processing capabilities were identified as key success criteria. By replicating the physical working environment currently in place at one of the bank’s regional operations centres, the tests recorded a case volume throughput exceeding 9,000 messages per hour, excellent scalability results and a number of key application performance improvements. These include a 75% decrease in average transaction response times, an increase in message throughput of over 600%, a reduced think time from 20-60 seconds to 2-10 seconds, as well as improved performance under heavy loads.


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