Research Reveals Corporations Yet to Reap Full Benefits of Global Liquidity Management

Research conducted by gtnews on behalf of ABN AMRO reveals that, although 49% of companies claim to have centralised their liquidity management on a global basis, a much smaller proportion have actually centralised their daily cash balances, leaving a large opportunity for companies to unlock cash across their operations. The research was conducted during June 2007 through an online survey with 211 finance professionals, of which 190 are corporates based in Asia, Europe and US. The survey was followed up with selected in-depth interviews. Inter-company funding was the most frequently centralised liquidity function with 40.5% of respondents saying they centralise this on a global basis, compared to 37.9% for FX hedging and only 12.6% for daily cash balances. Willem van Alphen, head of global cash pooling, transaction banking, ABN AMRO said: “Today’s automated liquidity management tools such as sweeping, multibank cash concentration and cross-currency notional pooling, are making it possible to move positions across a group of accounts, locations and currencies into a single global cash position. As the regulatory environment evolves, we expect more and more companies to be looking at these capabilities.” The research findings were presented at the EuroFinance Cash and Treasury Management event in Vienna on 18 September 2007.


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