Geodis Wilson Goes Live on GT Nexus Portal

Geodis Wilson has rolled out an ocean shipment management platform through the GT Nexus Trade and Logistics portal. The system enables Geodis Wilson to exchange data between its freight monitor visibility system and its global network of ocean carriers. Geodis Wilson is part of the Geodis Group with 26,000 employees in a network spanning 120 countries; the Geodis Group ranks among Europe’s top five transport and logistics companies. In the containerized ocean shipping industry, the data associated with freight in transit resides in different systems all over the world, in many different formats. GT Nexus has already integrated its portal to the systems of all major ocean carriers and standardized that data. Geodis Wilson has now tapped in to the existing network to enhance its freight monitor visibility system. The portal supports information exchange both ways between Geodis Wilson and multiple ocean carriers. GT Nexus also provides tools and services to monitor and enhance the quality of the data that’s flowing through the platform.


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