SuperDerivatives Appoints Product Manager for its Credit Derivatives System

SuperDerivatives has appointed Sasha Rozenberg as product manager for credit derivatives. In his new role, Rozenberg will lead the strategic planning and development of credit derivatives pricing, analytics, trading and risk management for the company’s credit derivatives platform, SD-CD. He will be responsible for the credit derivatives component of SD-Funds, the cross asset pricing and risk management solution for hedge funds, SD-Banks, the complete multi-asset and cross-asset platform for banks, and SD-Revaluation. Rozenberg’s most recent appointment was at Morgan Stanley where he was a key player in the credit derivatives structuring group. Earlier in his career he worked at JPMorgan as part of the FX and interest rate derivatives research group and at Goldman Sachs in the FX and commodity cross asset structuring group. He has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.


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