SWIFT Accredits i-flex as a Service Partner

SWIFT has accredited i-flex solutions as a service partner. With this accreditation, i-flex becomes the only organization in India that is accredited both as a SWIFT service partner and a SWIFT solution partner providing SWIFT labelled applications. SWIFT Service Partners deliver consultancy services, implementation services around SWIFT products, and offer technical assistance in SWIFT connectivity implementations. i-flex’s SWIFTNet offerings include SWIFTNet infrastructure support, FLEXCUBE SWIFTNet Services Integrator (FLEXCUBE SSI) suite of SWIFTNet products and consultancy services for banks and financial institutions. Since 2006, i-flex has deployed the FLEXCUBE SSI solution as a strategic SWIFTNet Messaging Hub for its customers. Oracle and i-flex together help corporates manage their payments and cash/account management relationship with banks over SWIFTNet, using the FLEXCUBE SSI solution.


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