SunGard’s AvantGard Integrates PredictiveMetrics’ Predictive Scoring Solutions

PredictiveMetrics (PMI) is to integrate its Net30Score product into SunGard’s AvantGard receivables solution. AvantGard Receivables is designed to help credit and collections professionals to improve liquidity management by delivering solutions for operational control and visibility of treasury, receivables and payments operations. PredictiveMetrics’ Net30Score predicts the likelihood that a customer will become delinquent, go to write-off, or file for bankruptcy within six months of the date the customer was scored. Once integrated, the new solution should help customers to utilize statistical-based credit scoring as the basis for the development of risk-based collection strategies. Net30Score uses a company’s internal accounts receivable data, data that is free and has been proven to be the most predictive, to produce portfolio collection scores that are validated to quantify an existing customer’s inherent risk.


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