Dow Jones and Progress Apama Integrate Elementized News into Algorithmic Trading Platform

Progress Software and Dow Jones have reached an agreement to provide the Dow Jones elementized news feed via the Progress Apama algorithmic trading platform. The agreement will allow financial institutions to instantly and continuously analyze, evaluate and respond to complex market events and news within the Progress Apama platform. The two firms will offer the computer-readable data of the Dow Jones elementized news feed via a custom Dow Jones news adapter on the Apama platform. This package, which includes a set of Apama SmartBlocks products, is designed to allow institutions to build, test and deploy algorithmic trading strategies that analyze and react to news that has an immediate impact on the prices of equities, derivatives, foreign exchange and fixed-income instruments. The Dow Jones feed puts news elements such as economic data, corporate events, timestamps, ticker symbols and crucial metadata, into XML-tagged fields for access by the Apama application.


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