JPMorgan Launches Depositary Receipt Index Program

JPMorgan has launched its first depositary receipt index program, with a dozen indexes designed to provide retail and institutional investors with new investable benchmarks for global equity performance. The new indexes comprise exchange-listed and traded American depositary receipts (ADRs) and global depositary receipts (GDRs). The six regional, three sector and three composite indexes are calculated in real-time by Standard & Poor’s and provide price return, as well as total return including dividend yield information. The indexes, which are the intellectual property of JPMorgan, are available through all major market data vendors and by using the JPDX prefix on Bloomberg. Standard & Poor’s provides the real-time daily calculation for these custom indexes. The indexes offer exposure to a broad range of companies in a variety of desirable sectors and markets. They are designed to be highly transparent to the investment community with rigorous screens to ensure their integrity. The indexes feature only highly liquid programs, in an attempt to ensure relevance and reliability.


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