SWIFT Launches SWIFTNet Mail

SWIFT has launched SWIFTNet Mail, a new product designed to act as a desktop email system but with the security and reach of SWIFTNet. Now commercially available, SWIFTNet Mail is SWIFT’s first entry into the person-to-person messaging market. It allows individual users to securely transmit emails containing sensitive information, using the email package of their choice. SWIFTNet Mail uses SWIFT’s secure IP-based platform, SWIFTNet, to transmit email messages that no longer require complex push-server and desktop client software. Instead of learning new software, users continue to work with their familiar email programs, but their emails are encrypted, signed and transmitted over SWIFTNet. This is designed to provide confidentiality and non-repudiation, thereby reducing reputational risk. SWIFT claims the solution is free from spam and phishing expeditions and does not require expensive push-servers, per-user charges, desktop software configuration, securing insecure connections, or end-user training. SWIFTNet Mail is available with a one time fee of €8,000 for the software and what the company describes as a “low per-message charge.”


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