Sterling Commerce Implements Payments Consolidation Solution for Equens

In preparation for SEPA, Equens has implemented Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway from Sterling Commerce to consolidate its payments and data exchange through a single gateway. Equens has implemented Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway to enable it to accept ‘any-to-any’ payments. Formerly, Equens’ IT systems in the Netherlands comprised a mainframe environment working alongside a range of proprietary solutions. The new solution provides Equens with a single transformation and routing mechanism to accept payments from its customers using multiple industry standards such as FTPS, HTTPS, Connect:Direct and SWIFTNet FileAct. The company hopes that the Sterling product will enable it to meet current customer connectivity demands. As a result of the SOA-based architecture and scalability of the solution, future growth will be supported without the need for significant re-engineering of the solution. The solution’s intelligent routing services should also reduce maintenance costs, save staff time and improve customer service by automatically sorting and routing payments according to pre-configured business rules.


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