SIA-SSB Merger Details Announced

The new SIA-SSB company, born from the merger between Società Interbancaria per l’Automazione and Società per I Servizi Bancari, has been operative since 1 May 2007. Chairman of the new company is Carlo Tresoldi, previously central director of the Bank of Italy Treasury and Payment Systems area. The new CEO is Renzo Vanetti, previously CEO of SIA Group, and the new managing director is Gian Bruno Mazzi, previously CEO of SSB CEO. The new group is composed of SIA-SSB, the parent company, and the subsidiaries Kedrios, Perago, RA Computer, SiNSYS and TSP, which will maintain autonomous corporate structures in order to enhance the existing partnerships. Soon to be added to these is the Hungarian company GBC, purchase of which is currently pending authorization to be issued by the local market antitrust authorities. The SIA-SSB Group workforce totals 1,875 employees.


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