OB10 Improve Operational Efficiency With Tumbleweed Solution

OB10 has gone live with Tumbleweed’s managed file transfer solution, SecureTransport. The solution provides a single platform for OB10 to send and receive electronic invoices over a variety of open standard protocols. Previously, OB10 managed and maintained separate solutions for the different connections used in the transfer of complex financial information between numerous trading partners. As an e-Invoicing network, OB10 had a specific requirement to support AS2 for the secure and reliable transport of electronic data over the Internet. Traditionally, this required the use of costly private networks and leased lines but AS2 has now become an accepted and more cost effective means of transporting digital data over the Internet. Tumbleweed claims that SecureTransport’s AS2 Engine expands the product’s operability, providing data exchange with any AS2-certified solution, and enabling consolidation of EDI and non-EDI data exchange on a single platform.


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