Research Finds Documents Sent by Traditional Methods Are Not Secure

Businesses that choose to send confidential documents by courier and postal services are at greater risk of confidentiality threats such as theft, damage and loss compared to other methods of communication, according to the results of a recent experiment conducted by LogicaCMG. The experiment compared seven methods of communication including courier, post, special delivery, fax, email, secure encrypted email and even carrier pigeons, against a variety of factors including cost, time, condition of arrival and environmental impact. It revealed that, with the exception of carrier pigeons, common courier and postal services were the least effective form of sending confidential information. Although couriers are the preferred method for the majority of businesses in the UK with 46% confessing to spending over £50,000 per year, the results placed it as the most costly and environmentally damaging as well as facing greater risk of loss, damage and interception when compared to other methods.


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