Clear2Pay launches unified SEPA Direct Debits with SEPA Credit Transfers solution

Clear2Pay announced the availability of a modular combined SEPA Direct Debits and SEPA Credit Transfers solution. The solution is based upon the Open Payments Framework (OPF), a library of component building blocks built entirely on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SDD with SCT has been launched in its combined form with upcoming developments to augment the standards in mind, such as the EBA’s “Priority Payments Scheme” and is as such a precursor to the larger strategic SEPA compliance objectives. The modularity of the solutions ensures banks the flexibility to pick and choose the functionality they need, whilst at the same time being sure that upcoming developments are catered for in a modular and strategic approach. This allows banks to deploy the combined solution as well as either SDD or SCT independently. Such powerful flexibility offers banks the ability to adopt SEPA at a pace that meets their requirements. The solution, based on the fully Service Oriented Architecture Open Payments Framework (OPF) offers the following functionality: SEPA Credit Transfers, SEPA Direct Debits, EBA ‘Priority Payments Scheme’, Card Payments, PE-ACH, STEP2, TARGET2, etc. compliancy, Cost-based Routing, BIC and IBAN support, Corporate Value Added Services, Exception Handling.


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