Fitch Launches ‘Peer Analysis Tool’ for Sovereign and Corporate Entity Analysis

Fitch Ratings has launched a new web-based analytical service, the Fitch ‘Peer Analysis Tool’, which enables investors to perform analysis of more than 100 sovereigns and over 800 corporate entities from one centralised database of financial information. Fitch claims that the Peer Analysis Tool will save investors time and provide them with greater flexibility to perform bespoke analysis of either sovereign or corporate entities using more than 200 search variables and ratios that are available through the tool. The service allows users to generate tailor-made peer analysis reports that compare key financial data and metrics over specified time periods. Reports can then be customised according to a variety of user preferences including grouping by date, rating or entity. Key statistical variables such as median or standard deviation can also be applied to a user’s peer groups and corporate financial data can be viewed in EUR, USD, JPY, GBP or local currency where applicable.


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