Microsoft to Offer ‘Mix and Match’ MiFID Solutions

Microsoft and its partners have launched a new package of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) solutions for what it sees as the main challenges of MiFID: planning and testing; client classification; best execution; reporting; market connectivity; reference data and trade history; systematic internalisation; and systems integration. The company claim that the eight technology solutions, which can be offered as a complete package or as individual components, can be implemented according to a financial institution’s individual compliance needs. For these solutions, Microsoft has collaborated with financial services partners including Aleri Labs, BearingPoint, C.O.S., Debug Software Tailoring, Fintecs, Gissing Software, HCL, HP, Progress Apama, Qumas, Rapid Addition, Singularity, SunGard, SuperDerivatives, TAP Solutions and Xenomorph.


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