Société Générale and XRT Offer Solution for Secure Exchange of Bank Details Via FTP

XRT, a developer of financial value chain management software and a provider of treasury management products, has joined forces with Société Générale, one of the largest financial services groups in the eurozone, to offer businesses a solution for the online exchange of data files. This solution uses FTP protocol and CMS signature mode, based on X509 certificates. It has been developed in response to a growing need among French and international corporates for an online data exchange system. XRT and Société Générale will market the product to their respective clients. To meet the product specifications and develop a high-performance solution, XRT worked in close collaboration with Société Générale to create a number of interfaces allowing companies to communicate with the banking group’s technology platform. These interfaces are designed to allow users equipped with the package to manage their financial transaction flows efficiently and obtain the latest details on account statements in complete security, thanks to a fully encrypted secure electronic signature system.


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