Tasmanian Corporation Employs SunGard’s Treasury Software

Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation (TASCORP), the central borrowing authority for the State of Tasmania, has completed a migration to a new AvantGard Quantum production database for its treasury management. The project was carried out within budget and scope at TASCORP’s offices in Hobart. Since 2002, SunGard has assisted TASCORP to consolidate and centralise its treasury management operations, offering front-to-back integration, and a high degree of automation, control and visibility. SunGard’s AvantGard Quantum treasury management system encompasses dealing, risk management, position-keeping, settlement and reporting functions. Paul Fitzgerald, senior manager, Operations at TASCORP, said: “All of our aims have been achieved, including turning on mark-to-market accounting in time to comply with IAS39.”


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