Thales And Xiring Provide Advanced Transaction Security

Thales has announced that SafeSign, its end-to-end solution for identity management, user authentication and transaction security, now supports the use of Xiring Xi-Sign tokens and EMV card readers. Thales and Xiring are working together to deliver the security benefits of the latest MasterCard CAP (Chip Authentication Program) standard EMV cards. The MasterCard CAP standard has been put in place to combat the growing threat of transaction fraud conducted when the cardholder is not present, such as the online phishing technique. It allows EMV cards to be used in the authentication process of secure online service provision. Thales and Xiring enable customers to take advantage of the new EMV CAP standard by using the strong two-factor authentication technique of something you have (EMV card) with something you know (PIN) to identify and authenticate the user. When trying to access a service, customers insert their EMV card into the Xiring unconnected card reader and enter their PIN. They will then be presented with an eight-character code on the display. This one-time code, which changes every time the card is used, is then transmitted to the Thales SafeSign Authentication Server which strongly authenticates the user to permit access.


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