TNT Sources RFID Software from Tibco

Tibco Software is to provide TNT Logistics with complex event processing (CEP) and real-time visibility software for its radio frequency identification (RFID) initiative. This will help prevent interruptions and manual interventions in the automotive supply chain for increased efficiency and delivery of what is referred to as ‘perfect’ orders. “TIBCO has enabled us to take the requirements, concepts and ideas behind RFID and quickly integrate that information with the existing supply chain execution data stream, enhancing our ability to track products throughout the supply chain,” said Terry McIntyre, RFID project leader for TNT Logistics North America. TIBCO’s next-generation RFID software solution is able to identify and respond to correlated granular business events occurring at diverse layers within an organisation and across the value chain. The solution has the capacity to handle millions of ‘micro events’ and uses highly scalable business rules to suggest real-time corrections for supply chain optimisation. This helps to provide end users with real-time insight and context around events and the resulting impact on businesses.


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