NationsRent Chooses Trintech for Reconciliation

NationsRent has selected Trintech’s ReconNET, DataFlow Transaction Network and Bank Fee Analysis software solutions to optimize their funds management processes. NationsRent will use ReconNET to automate the verification and reconciliation of its bank deposits, and the DataFlow Transaction Network to collect, format and deliver its daily banking data. Bank Fee Analysis is intended to further streamline the company’s finance and treasury processes and reduce costs by detecting and recovering fee overcharges. “Trintech’s solution suite should enable us to shorten month-end and quarter-end accounting processes, improve communications with our stores, and enable us to detect and recover bank fee overcharges,” said John Scherer, treasurer for NationsRent. “We expect Trintech’s solutions to help us complete time-consuming, period-end reconciliation processes more quickly and reduce the potential for loss.”


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