First Success for SIDE Products in China

China’s Bank of Communication has chosen SIDE to improve its operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase financial control in its SWIFTAlliance environment. The bank has selected SIDE Reporting to facilitate reporting, investigations and audits of its SWIFTAlliance messages; SIDE Duplicate Detection to control its risk of executing duplicate transactions and emissions; and SIDE SafeWatch to prevent the emission and processing of data referring to blacklisted entities. SafeWatch will be used to check SWIFT transactions in real-time. The SafeWatch open and standard architecture allows seamless integration with the bank’s list formats and own applications. SIDE International is represented by its only certified partner in China, NCS-IPACS. NCS-IPACS represents SIDE to provide services in China including the integration to the SWIFT system, as well as the upgrading and maintenance of the SIDE systems.


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