SunGard Updates AvantGard Quantum

SunGard announced the release of AvantGard Quantum 4.3. New features include enhancements for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance (SOX), customer service and increased operational control and efficiencies. The new version of AvantGard Quantum debuts ‘Dual Approvals of Static Data’, which allows for multiple levels of approvals of changes to bank accounts, account definitions and other applications that directly affect internal audits and controls. Dual approvals help bring a higher degree of control to the enterprise with the ability to better track, manage and audit client operations, directly addressing compliance with SOX Section 404. AvantGard Quantum 4.3 also includes features to help enhance customer service by bringing greater consistency and accuracy to the deployment of fixes, streamlining and automating the process of applying fixes and allowing the download of fixes from SunGard’s AvantGard client services website. The transition to ActiveX Data Objects has been achieved in AvantGard Quantum 4.3, which means that customers will no longer need to acquire third-party software for data access when using an Oracle database which SunGard says will reduce their total cost of ownership.


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