Fundtech Launches Message Converter and is Selected by Wachovia

Fundtech has launched Message Converter, a middleware application designed for the financial services industry. Message Converter changes proprietary messages into standard messages such as SWIFT, and vice versa. The Message Converter’s graphical user interface enables non-technical staff to develop the message mapping by using a drag and drop feature. The results can be monitored by loading real messages as mapping input. The product is available either through Fundtech’s SWIFT ServiceBureau or as an installed application. Fundtech has also been licensed by Wachovia to provide it with OmniPAY, the payments hub. OmniPAY allows banks to offer their corporate clients tailored payments services that integrate more closely with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Acting as a payments hub, the system is able to process a variety of international cross-border mixed payments files and route them through existing bank systems to be cleared globally. “As competition for global corporate banking services intensifies, OmniPAY allows Wachovia to offer our corporate clients more flexible and convenient ways to initiate and receive low value international payments,” said Ann Givens, international business manager with Wachovia’s treasury services division.


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