Fortis’s Supply Chain Management Products Top £250m in UK

Fortis Bank’s supply chain management solutions have provided more that £250m-worth of funding to its UK clients so far this year. Fortis Bank’s supply chain management provides finance and process management support to medium-sized enterprises, mitigating risks and maximising cash flows throughout the trade cycles – from the point of placing an order right through to the physical receipt of payment. This year’s high volumes point to a growing demand among UK medium-sized companies for finance and process management solutions that complement every stage of their international trade cycle. “The performance of our supply chain management solutions is indicative of the direction in which the market is moving,” said Paul Cardoen, managing director of Fortis Bank Commercial Banking UK. “Our clients are telling us they need flexibility, speed and a genuine understanding of their business and finance requirements. They do not want off-the-peg products and companies are right to expect more than that. The trade cycle of every business is unique and requires a flexible combination of finance and process management.”


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