SMA Software Partners With GlobeTax

SMA Software & Consulting, the SWIFT Business Partner for GB & Ireland, has signed a contract with GlobeTax to provide SWIFT connectivity for TaxReclaim. GlobeTax recently launched TaxReclaim, a service bureau for custodians, brokers and asset managers to automate tax reclaims and relief at source applications. The SMA Bureau Service runs on SWIFTAlliance and provides GlobeTax’s technical interface into the SWIFT network. The SMA Bureau Service is a fast track SWIFT connectivity solution currently used by banks, fund managers and corporates, and is the only bureau to be awarded the SWIFT Business Partner Service Bureau label in Europe. SMA explains that it offers SWIFT Net FileAct and InterAct capabilities (as well as FIN) through the bureau, along with message and file reformatting, sanction list filtering, duplicate checking and high levels of resilience and operational data security.


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