Fundtech Opens SWIFTNet Service Bureau to Corporates

Fundtech has opened its SWIFTNet Service Bureau to corporates. According to Fundtech, corporates now have access to a cost-effective connection to the SWIFT messaging network and their banks can process transactions in an STP environment. This also translates into fewer interfaces to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other in-house applications. Operated by bbp, Fundtech’s Swiss subsidiary, the service is an interbank solution that enables corporations to send secure SWIFT messages to their banks. The service is centrally operated and corporates like Swiss Re are already connected to the Service Bureau. Fundtech has also released TransactCentral, a J2EE component-based development platform for corporate electronic banking. The system will be marketed primarily in Europe and Asia, and is targeted at banks who desire a high degree of customization. Fundtech adds TransactCentral to its existing line of electronic banking systems that are currently deployed in over 200 US banks.


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