Fundtech Introduces PAYplus Liquidity Manager

Fundtech has announced the introduction of PAYplus Liquidity Manager, a system that helps banks track and manage their global liquidity more accurately. PAYplus Liquidity Manager consolidates all positions into a single system, enabling banks to improve their liquidity control whilst lowering their exposure to risk and errors. With this tool, Fundtech believes banks can reduce borrowing costs while maximizing investment income. PAYplus Liquidity Manager allows financial institutions to automate the collection of transaction information; track liquidity positions from multiple systems and entities; and to actively manage the flow of funds. “Currently, very few banks have the centralized data and analytical tools needed to forecast intra-day cash positions. PAYplus Liquidity Manager is a rules-based solution that meets this need by ensuring more efficient control and management of multi-currency, multi-bank liquidity assets across bank accounts, clearing systems, and central bank channels,” states Michael Sgroe, President and COO at Fundtech.


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