JPMorgan Opens New Trading Class For Royal Dutch Shell

JPMorgan has opened the Class “A” American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program for Royal Dutch Shell in connection with the successful unification of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and Shell Transport and Trading. The Royal Dutch Class “A” ADR program is valued at approximately $30bn. Trading has commenced in the new Class “A” ADRs on the NYSE under the symbol RDS.A. JPMorgan is acting as the exchange agent in the tender of the Royal Dutch New York Shares for the new Class “A” ADRs as well as the depositary bank for the company’s Class “A” ADR program. For the first time since the company’s amalgamation of Royal Dutch and Shell Transport’s business interests 98 years ago, shares of Royal Dutch Shell as a single entity are now traded on Euronext Amsterdam, the London Stock Exchange and as ADRs on the New York Stock Exchange.


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