Banking Experts Agree Real Time Information Must Provide Benefits to Customers

At a recent roundtable event, senior banking figures from the UK and North America agreed that regulation, better liquidity management, and risk control go only part way to drive the growth of real time information. It is advancing the type of real time services banks are currently offering and raising customer demand that will be critical factors in delivering real time information across the wider banking infrastructure. Participants at the roundtable agreed that, in order to raise customer demand for real time services, banks need to focus on one fundamental question: How can banks standardise and package real time information in a manner which generates customer demand? Banks agreed that employing technologies and services that use real time information is crucial in order to satisfy regulatory requirements, such as Basel II and Sarbanes Oxley, and to deliver significant improvements to their risk control and liquidity management. The roundtable event was hosted by Cable & Wireless, SunGard and Intel


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