Smart Card Curriculum To Be Pioneered By GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform has created the industry’s first interactive curriculum that will educate smart card technology end users of the advantages in deploying a standardized smart card infrastructure. Enlisting the expertise of the CMOOR Group, a technical curriculum and education provider, GlobalPlatform has developed an instructor-led program to provide those operating in the smart card market with an educational understanding of why GlobalPlatform technology is the solution to the business problems associated with lack of a standardized smart card infrastructure. The technical workshop addresses the value of each component within the smart card infrastructure – the card, device and system and what each component brings to the marketplace. Following this introduction, the main focus is to provide a technical understanding on each of the GlobalPlatform specifications. From a business perspective, the curriculum highlights why standardization within the industry is important, the role that each of the specifications play in the smart card environment and the value of bringing all three components together to form a complete standardized smart card infrastructure.


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